By Palo Santo



Throw a party and let us do the cooking! We are available to cater parties in your private home or the venue of your choice. These prices do not cover travel expenses outside of the 5 boroughs. 25 guests minimum are required. NY sales tax, gratuity and 5% administrative fee will be added to the total bill.


Packages and Pricing

BUFFET SERVICE - $60.00 per person

Available for three hours. Includes 3 apps, 3 main dishes, and 3 sides. See menu options below.

ADD A RAW BAR - $15.00 per person additional

Available for one hour (before or during buffet service).  This includes Oysters, Clams and Ceviche.

ADD A TACO BAR - $15.00 per person additional

Available for one hour (before or during buffet service)This includes 3 taco fillings, sauces and garnishes. See menu options below.

Tortillas are 100% corn and made on site.

WINE & BEER BAR - $45.00 per person additional

Available for four hours. Includes white, red and sparkling wine, beer, sangria and regular sodas.

CAKE SLICING & COFFEE SERVICE - $5.00 per person additional

HOMEMADE DESSERTS & COFFEE SERVICE - $10.00 per person additional

Choice of two desserts.




  • With advance notice, necessary Liquor Licenses and Event Permits can be obtained

  • Party Rentals (tables, chairs, table cloths, china, etc.) can be arranged

  • Set Up, Break Down and Clean Up

  • Specialty Cakes Ordered from A Local Bakery

  • Decoration and Flowers



APPETIZERS (choice of three)

Tortillas & Avocado

Tortillas & Avocado




  • Shaved Chayote Salad

    raw tropical squash / citrus / watercress

  • Blue Cheese Salad

    seasonal fruit / nuts / greens

  • Seasonal Green Salad

    radish / tomato / lime vinaigrette

  • Tostadas

    crispy homemade tortillas / meat or vegetarian toppings

  • Zucchini Salad

    shaved summer squash / tomato / grilled corn

  • Roasted Cauliflower

    bacon / peanuts / scallions / chiles

  • Tortillas & Avocado

    Sliced Avocado / homemade tortillas / pickled jalapenos

  • Pinchos de Vegetales

    grilled vegetable skewers




  • Ceviche

    raw fish / lime juice / hot pepper

  • Ceviche Mixto

    mixed shellfish / lime juice / hot pepper

  • Grilled Calamari

    fennel / olives / potatoes

  • Camarones a la Plancha

    grilled head-on shrimp / lime / aioli




  • Tacos Dorados

    crispy rolled tacos / pork or chicken

  • Pinchos de Carne

    grilled steak skewers / chimichuri

  • Tamales

    corn masa / choice of chicken, pork or rajas

  • Empanadas

    choice of chicken, beef or potato & cheese

  • Anticuchos

    grilled hearts / chili paste / scallions


MAIN COURSES (choice of three)


Chicken Mole Poblano

Chicken Mole Poblano

  • Plantain Stew

    sweet plantain cooked in coconut milk

  • Roasted Mushrooms

    olive oil and rosemary

  • Mole Verde de Verduras

    vegetables braised in green mole


Picante de Mariscos

Picante de Mariscos

  • Picante de Mariscos

    mixed shellfish / cream / chili paste

  • Pan Roasted Fish

    topped with salsa verde

  • King Fish Escabeche

    olive oil / vinegar / hot pepper / onions

  • Pescado a la Veracruzana

    roasted fish / stewed tomatoes / capers


Braised Wild Boar

Braised Wild Boar

  • Chicken Mole Poblano

    free range chicken braised with spicy chocolate sauce

  • Roasted Free-Range Chicken

    whole chicken / pan jus

  • Rabbit in Mole Verde

    rabbit braised in green mole

  • Slow Roasted Heritage Pork

    pulled pork / chili vinegar / sauteed onions

  • Barbacoa

    Spice-rubbed leg of lamb slow-cooked in banana leaves

  • Braised Wild Boar

    Wild boar shanks / red wine reduction

  • Ropa Vieja

    Pulled beef / olives and raisins

  • Braised Beef Shank

    Grass-fed beef / red wine reduction


 SIDES (choice of three)


ramps crop.jpg
  • Pickled Cabbage

  • Baked Plantains

  • Homemade Tortillas

  • Sweet Potato Gratin

  • Cooked Greens

  • Kale Salad

  • Quinoa Salad

  • Rice & Beans

  • Roasted Potatoes

  • Yuca

  • Cracked Corn

  • Succotash

  • Grilled Asparagus

  • Sauteed Carrots & Chayote

  • Stewed Garbanzos

  • Potato / Green Beans

HOMEMADE DESSERTS (choice of two)

Coconut Tres Leches Cake

Coconut Tres Leches Cake

  • Lime Pie

  • Seasonal Fruit Crisp

  • Chocolate Pecan Bread pudding

  • Flourless Orange Almond Cake

  • Coconut Tres Leches Cake

  • Chocolate Tort



 *In order to guarantee availability, your final menu options are required 2 weeks before your party.